I wish for you to rediscover the feeling of anguish in the face of the dying sun. I ardently wish that for the West.

When the sun dies, no scientific certainty should keep us from weeping for it, no rational evidence should keep us from asking that it be reborn.

You are slowly dying under the weight of evidence.
I wish you that anguish—like a resurrection.
— Cheikh Hamidou Kane

The reports keep arriving.

With clearer warnings each.

Among the most recent, the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) Global Assessment (advance version).

The IPBES Global Assessment suggests that total socioeconomic transformation is required to allay species extinction - that accelerated species extinction is associated with past and present-day social conflict arising from socioeconomic injustice.

Today, as with yesterday, the world is primarily a toy store and playground for some kids and a combat zone and slave yard for more. This long-standing contrast hasn’t really worked for anyone in terms of spiritual health, which constitutes the base of physical and emotional health.

As long as such severe contrast exists, reviving biodiversity remains a fantasy.

Setting aside judgment of past and present inaction, we can prioritize children’s health by prioritizing women’s health to improve everyone’s bottom line.

We can devote ourselves to true rebellion—loving kindness and compassion toward ourselves and others every step. There are many reasons why humans with enough information have not changed their personal behavior and/or their business activity in response. Socioeconomic pressures perpetuate basic survival fear and selfish decisions.

Pressures extreme at every level of engagement require a collective leap of faith to overcome. Luckily, socioeconomic times have changed under the larger social pressure of ecological limits that restrain human socioeconomic activity. A collective leap is now possible.

Yes, it’s very dark. And, light shines on a healthy path. There’s no time like the present to spread the word and practice what really works.

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The easy out is to point at the top 1 percent and stop there; but if you are part of the professional class, you too are likely among the culprits and beneficiaries of an unjust economy.
— D. Hamilton & C. Famighetti, The Elite..Might Be You, YES! Magazine Winter 2018